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ACT DUST COLLECTORS:   Downward Flow Dust Collectors

ACT Dust Collectors

ACT Dust CollectorBuilt from 7 and 10 gage steel our ACT dust collectors are built to last in the toughest of applications. When designing our ACT dust collectors we did not cut any corners. All of our electrical components and pulse valves come from only the best names in dust collector components. The fans we use on our dust collectors are robust and built to stand up in all environments. For those outdoor installations, we even went so far as to use stainless steel in critical areas where mild steels may have been subjected to the elements.

Our years of experience in selling dust collectors has helped us build the best dust collector in the market place. When designing this dust collector, we tapped into that experience and incorporated everything we have learned. Due to our low overhead, we are able to offer the ACT dust collector to our customers at significant savings over the competitions' equivalent dust collectors. Above all, you will find that our service is and has been the foundation of our business for years. We look forward to serving you in the same manner. Thanks for considering Air Cleaning Technology, Inc. for your next dust collector.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy duty construction wears well in all applications
  • Filters with 254 square feet of 80/20 blended media each
  • Reverse-pulse filter cleaning system
  • Pulse control timer board with a built-in digital pressure gage in a weather proof housing
  • Air venturis for optimum filter cleaning
  • Lifting lugs
  • Drum lid
  • Five year materials and craftsmanship warranty

Optional Features

  • Heavy duty construction wears well in all applications
  • ACT Nano-Elite Nanofiber filter media
  • Other filter media options
  • Abrasive inlet plenum
  • Complete line of motor/blowers
  • Silencers
  • Rotary air locks
  • Explosion vents


ACT Dust Collector Dimensions

ACT Dust Collector image

Download ACT Dust Collector product sheet


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