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Bulk Material Handling & Processing Equipment
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Material Handling & Processing Equipment
• Blending & Mixing Equipment
• Bulk Storage, Silo, Tank Equipment
• Drying, Conveying, Feeding Equipment
• Grinding, Crushing, Milling Equipment
• Screening, Shifting & Size Classification Equipment
• Dust Collection & Pollution Control Equipment
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  Handling & Processing Equipment


I-2/BPST - Bulk Solids Material Handling Distributors

Provider of Bulk Material Processing & Handling Systems

I-2/BPST Building located in Union NJI-2/BPST Inc., located in Union New Jersey, is a manufacturers' distributor and provider of bulk material processing and handling systems. I-2/BPST can assist  you with selection, implementation and installation of bulk solids equipment for industrial material handling systems. We are your single source for your Liquid and Bulk Solid Material Processing Equipment Needs.

If you are a manufacturer seeking an agent/representative for your product line, take a look at our capabilities. If you are a buyer, please review our material processing offerings and then email or call us to discuss how we can best serve you.

With more than 15 years of experience and representing dozens of manufacturers, scores of products, and hundreds of clients, our firm is uniquely qualified to provide added value to organizations seeking cost-effective solutions to their material processing challenges.

The I-2/BPST Inc. Team

• Gary Datta, President

Tel: 908-507-5998
Email: gary@i-2bpst.com
Add'l Info:
- BS, MS Chemical Engineering, MBA
- 10 Years working as the sales manager of Kason Corporation,
- 15 years working as an independent Sales Representative

• Yelina Parra, Office Manager

Tel: 908-688-8560
Email: yelina@i-2bpst.com
Add'l Info:
- Fluent in both Spanish and English

• Tony Rigolosi, Sales Executive

Tel: 732-372-9569
Email: tony@i-2bpst.com
Add'l Info:
- 15 Years of work experience in Hoffman LaRoche Pharmaceutical production field
- 15 Years at Nedco Conveyor Company

• Cynthia Pereira, Inside Sales assistant

Tel: 908-688-8560
Email: cynthia@i-2bpst.com
Add'l Info:
- Fluent in both Spanish and English


High Quality, High Value - The I-2/BPST Difference

Examples of Typical Projects

High Quality, High Value

We are a group of experienced engineers serving the process and material handling industries to solve:

  •  Storage
  •  Conveying
  •  Size Reduction,
  •   Mixing
  •   Drying
  •   Packaging
  •   Pollution control

problems with custom designs, engineering and installations.

Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Processor We Learn and Fully Understand Your Material Processing Needs

It is our philosophy to fully learn and understand your material processing needs. Then, by applying our manufacturers' capabilities to that understanding, we strive to present solutions to your material processing challenges which are innovative, cost-effective and meet or exceed your expectations.

We offer exceptional service to our clients. Representing dozens of products, we can recommend solutions based on your exact requirements. We assist you in all phases of the project, from the initial Client Needs Interview through the quotation, ordering process and equipment delivery. As a consequence, you will save time and money.

Virtual Solid Material Processing & Handling Production LaboratoryVirtual Solid Material Processing & Handling Production Laboratory

We are the only Representative company in the Metro Area with a complete virtual solid material processing/handling production laboratory with Food Grade compressed air system, Grinding, Blending/Mixing, Conveying, Bulk bag loading/unloading and Packaging system. Visit us, experience real life production applications and discuss your applications.

Material Handling Products
by Manufacturer:

• Scott Equipment
- All Scott Equipment
- Industrial Scott Blender
- Twin Shaft Mixer
- Air Swept Tubular Dryer
- Scott Cooler System
- The Dominator Crusher
- Industrial Batch Mixer

• A.C.T. Dust Collectors
- All ACT Products
- ACT Dust Collectors

• Thermo-Fisher Scientific
- All Thermo-Fisher Products
- Std Modular Volumetric Feeder
- Loss-in-weight Feeder
- Loss-in-weight Feeder Control
- Sanitary Volumetric Feeder

• KWS Manufacturing Company
- All KWS Products
- Shafted Screw Conveyors
- Shaftless Screw Conveyors
- Vertical Screw Conveyors
- Screw Feeders
- Belt Conveyors
- Bucket Elevators

Material Handling Products
by Type & Manufacturer:

• Blending & Mixing Equipment
- Scott
- CHEM Flowtronics
• Bulk Storage, Silo & Tank Equipment
- Custom MetalCraft
- Metalfab
- Scott
- Spiroflow
• Drying Equipment
- Scott
- Witte
• Bulk Bag Handling System
- Spiroflow
• Mechanical Conveying Equipment
- Metalfab
- Nedco
- Spiroflow
• Pneumatic Conveying Equipment
- Whirl Air Flow
- Fox Valve
- Kice
- Spiroflow
• Feeding Equipment
- Metalfab
- Thermo Fisher Scientific
• Grinding, Crushing & Milling Equipment
- Scott
• Screening, Size Classification & Shifting Equipment
- Microner
- Witte
• Valves
- Fox Valve
- Kice
• Dust Collection & Pollution Control Equipment
- Dustex
• Magnet & Metal Detection Equipment
- Bunting
• Packaging Equipment
- JEM International
• Bulk Container & BIN Activator Equipment
- Metalfab
• Controls & Instrumentation
- Thermo Fisher Scientific
• Ducting & Piping
- K&B Duct
• Material Handling Equipment
- Tawi
• Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessel & Reactor Equipment
- Custom Metalcraft
- Chem Flowtronics
- Thermal Oxidizer

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