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Bulk Material Handling & Processing Equipment
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Material Handling & Processing Equipment
• Blending & Mixing Equipment
• Bulk Storage, Silo, Tank Equipment
• Drying, Conveying, Feeding Equipment
• Grinding, Crushing, Milling Equipment
• Screening, Shifting & Size Classification Equipment
• Dust Collection & Pollution Control Equipment
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  Handling & Processing Equipment


Bulk Solids Material Handling & Processing Equipment and Systems

I-2/BPST is a manufacturers' distributor of bulk solids material handling & processing equipment and systems. We provide consultation, equipment and installation of industrial bulk solids material handling systems. Our turnkey solutions will assist companies in implementing cost-saving and income-producing solutions for their bulk processing machinery and systems.

Shown below is a sampling of the equipment manufacturers that we represent. We can procure all types of equipment for each manufacturer, simply let us know what type of material handling equipment or systems you would like a quote on. Our downloadable brochure is located at the bottom of this page.

Custom Metalcraft - TransStore Rectangular Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and Portable Tanks, Barrels, Sorting Tables, Heat Exchangers, Incline Conveyors, Macro Bin Dumpers
Download Custom Metalcraft Brochure

Scott - Ribbon Blenders, Plow Mixers, AST Dryer System, Shredders, Delumpers, Smooth Wall Bins
Download Scott Brochure

Custom Metalcraft Products Scott Equipment - Mixers, Blenders

Thermo Fisher - Loss-in Weight Feeders, Weigh Belt Feeders, Belt Conveyor Scales, Motion Monitoring, Continuous and Point Level Sensors, Online Moisture Analyzer

CPS Custom Powder Systems - Bin Blenders, Drum Massager,Custom Powder Systems

Thermo Fisher Scientific Custom Powder Systems

CHEM Flowtronics - Sanitary Tri-Clamp Vessel Mount, Compact Rugged Design, Dual Seal Roller Bearing, Mechanical Seal, Air/Electric Motors

Dustex- Dust Collectors, parts, Cyclones, Dust Collector Systems
Download Dustex Brochure

Chem Flowtronics Dustex Equipment

Microner- Screeners, Separators, Flow Thru Screen, GyroScreen Round Separators
Visit Microner Website

Whirl-Air-Flow- Complete Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Dense phase, Dilute phase, Pneumatic Batch Blender
Download Whirl-Air-Flow Brochure

Microner Equipment Whirl Air Flow Equipment

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Material Handling Products
by Manufacturer:

• Scott Equipment
- All Scott Equipment
- Industrial Scott Blender
- Twin Shaft Mixer
- Air Swept Tubular Dryer
- Scott Cooler System
- The Dominator Crusher
- Industrial Batch Mixer

• A.C.T. Dust Collectors
- All ACT Products
- ACT Dust Collectors

• Thermo-Fisher Scientific
- All Thermo-Fisher Products
- Std Modular Volumetric Feeder
- Loss-in-weight Feeder
- Loss-in-weight Feeder Control
- Sanitary Volumetric Feeder

• KWS Manufacturing Company
- All KWS Products
- Shafted Screw Conveyors
- Shaftless Screw Conveyors
- Vertical Screw Conveyors
- Screw Feeders
- Belt Conveyors
- Bucket Elevators

Material Handling Products
by Type & Manufacturer:

• Blending & Mixing Equipment
- Scott
- CHEM Flowtronics
• Bulk Storage, Silo & Tank Equipment
- Custom MetalCraft
- Metalfab
- Scott
- Spiroflow
• Drying Equipment
- Scott
- Witte
• Bulk Bag Handling System
- Spiroflow
• Mechanical Conveying Equipment
- Metalfab
- Nedco
- Spiroflow
• Pneumatic Conveying Equipment
- Whirl Air Flow
- Fox Valve
- Kice
- Spiroflow
• Feeding Equipment
- Metalfab
- Thermo Fisher Scientific
• Grinding, Crushing & Milling Equipment
- Scott
• Screening, Size Classification & Shifting Equipment
- Microner
- Witte
• Valves
- Fox Valve
- Kice
• Dust Collection & Pollution Control Equipment
- Dustex
• Magnet & Metal Detection Equipment
- Bunting
• Packaging Equipment
- JEM International
• Bulk Container & BIN Activator Equipment
- Metalfab
• Controls & Instrumentation
- Thermo Fisher Scientific
• Ducting & Piping
- K&B Duct
• Material Handling Equipment
- Tawi
• Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessel & Reactor Equipment
- Custom Metalcraft
- Chem Flowtronics
- Thermal Oxidizer

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