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THERMO RAMSEY:   Micro- Tech 2104 Loss-In-Weight Feeder Control

The Micro-Tech 2104 Loss-In-Weight Controller is specifically designed for continuous or batch Loss-In-Weight or Gain-In-Weight applications.

Thermo Ramsey Loss-in-weight FeederThe Micro-Tech 2104 Loss-In-Weight Controller is specifically designed for continuous or batch Loss-In-Weight or Gain-In-Weight applications. The Micro-Tech 2104 provides easy operation and calibration with large easy-to-read displays, straight forward, tactile-touch keyboards and software that prompts you step-by-step through the proper set-up and operational procedures.

The Micro-Tech 2104 is capable of operating two independent Loss-In-Weight systems, thus providing a cost savings. It is also available in a UL approved version.

Thermo Ramsey offers a full line of microprocessor based electronics for many types of weighing applications. The Micro-Tech 2104 Loss-In-Weight Feeder Controller is one model in a family of electronics that offers the customer the security of a common operator platform. This benefit provides the operator the confidence and knowledge of interfacing with a variety of weighing equipment electronics, because all of Thermo Ramsey's electronics operate with the same format.


  • Common Operator Interface for set-up and calibration reduces operator training.
  • Digital electronics provide accurate, drift-free performance.
  • Auto-Zero automatically computes and installs a new zero.
  • Auto-Span automatically computes and installs a new span based on electronic calibration, static weights or material load.
  • Numerous programmable features let the user customize the electronics to fit their individual needs.
  • Communication and field bus capabilities include Allen-Bradley Remote I/O (Blue Hose),Siemens Profibus-DP, Device Net, Allen Bradley DFl, Modbus and Siemens 3964.
  • Multi-level password protection provides varying levels of security for operator access.
  • LED's provide visual indication of control status:Remote control, Automatic control, Alarm,Batch, and Ready.
  • Refill capabilities include automatically adjustingthe volumetric constants according to the net weight. Therefore, if the density of the material is significantly different between a high level hopper and a low level hopper, affecting the flow rate, the controller will automatically adjust the output at the end of the refill cycle.
  • Batch capabilities allow the user to control flow rate and required quantity, and switch to a lower rate set point for a fine batching end.




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